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pacmanxg для 64 bit!
Автор: alminsoft, опубликовано 12.02.2014 в 23:13:28
Выложена версия для 64bit!
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#1 Автор: lesebas, опубликовано 15.02.2014 в 12:48:01

I use PacmanXG for 1 years and i really love it. I just want to report a small bug (I think so). If you log in with root right the package from AUR are compiled as root... by the way it's not recommended at all. So if if you log in as current user, your password is prompt (in the local window) and the password is shown... not really a secure method, isn't it?

#2 Автор: Alexandre Minoshi, опубликовано 16.02.2014 в 15:15:23
Yes, these issue is present.
Unfortunally terminal component at present do not support hidding password chars.
So, as variant, you may log in using 'sudo' method.

Alexandre Minoshi

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